Why use a professional for my real estate photography?

Great real estate imagery will: 1) elevate the property’s value in the minds of buyers and 2) bring in new listings. Although professional images have been shown to result in faster and higher sales1, quality imagery is about more than sales; it's about elevating the perception of your brand.

When a seller is shopping for an agent they will search your listings to see how you serve your clients. Distinguish yourself by making every listing look like a multi-million dollar listing.

Your time is valuable. When taking your own photographs, as little as five listings can add up to 30 hours per month. Consider what you could accomplish with that extra time each month.

Why choose Stelio Media? We have over 15 years of photography experience and have invested thousands of dollars in our education and equipment. Our Realtors know they can trust us to arrive on time, operate in a professional manner and deliver their images in 24 hours or less so they can focus on what they do best.

In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More - The Wall Street Journal, 2010
The Successful Combination of Photography and Real Estate - RISMedia, 2008

How do I get the most out of my imagery?

A well prepared property can greatly enhance the quality of its photography and video. All Stelio Media clients receive our comprehensive "Home Preparation Checklist" to help sellers and agents preapare their property for photos, video and showings.

What is the difference between Real Estate and Architectural photography?

The primary differences are the intended use of the images and the balance between speed, cost and quantity. Real Estate photography produces many images that are captured quickly and used for a short time (until the property is sold). Architectural photography usually produces fewer images that are crafted more carefully and used for a longer period of time.

Who owns the copyrights?

A photograph or video’s copyright always belongs to the photographer or videographer.

When a photographer provides you with an image, they are granting you a license to use that image for a specified purpose. Stelio Media’s Real Estate License grants the right to use images to market the property both in print and online for the life of the listing with the client. Our Architectural License grants the right to use images to market your services both online and in print. Images or videos cannot be sold or given to sellers, buyers, builders, designers, magazines, contests, or any third party without written permission from Stelio Media. Additional fees may apply.

What if I want to use an image for more than just listing a property?

We are glad that you are so pleased with your images that you would like to use them in your general marketing! Additional licenses are available at an additional cost.

Why don't your Real Estate packages include unlimited images?

We will spend several minutes, carefully staging and lighting each space resulting in bright and vibrant images. Some online listing vehicles are allowing more and more images but, in marketing, sometimes less is more.

Selling a home is as much an art as it is a science, and an artist’s portfolio is only as strong as its weakest image. A carefully selected set of strong images will have more impact than dozens of average ones.

What happens if I pay for photos/video and the sellers use another agent?

We realize that this can be a sensitive subject. Copyright law permits us to sell your images to another party, However, we value our client relationships and therefore offer you two options should this situation occur:

  • 1) New listing agent is granted a license by the photographer to use the existing images. They will pay the full, current price and half that value will be issued as a credit to the original listing agent.
  • 2) New listing agent is not granted a license by the photographer to use the existing images. New images will be taken at the expense of the new listing agent.