For professionals such as architects, builders, landscapers and interior designers, a personal tour of your work is always the ideal situation when prospecting new clients. When this is not possible, a high quality portfolio is the next best tool in your marketing arsenal.

Architectural Photography

We use professional equipment and techniques to create sharp, vibrant images. We take our time during the shoot and preview each image on a laptop. This gives us a larger view so we can fine tune every detail until each image perfect. Our clients really appreciate this feature because it allows them to participate directly in the creation of their vision.

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License: Images are licensed to the Client for the purpose of marketing their services both online and in print. Images cannot be sold or given to any third party without written permission from Stelio Media and additional fees may apply.

  • Three image minimum, quantity pricing available
  • Included
  • All images at web resolution, with and without your branding
  • All images at print resolution
  • 48 hour turnaround (except Sundays)
  • Home Preparation Checklist
  • *Save 10% on packages when you book photography and video together
Architecture Photography Upgrades

Images captured from the sky can offer a perspective and sense of place that cannot be achieved from the ground. Includes two to three images.

Twilight photography can take an exterior image from amazing to magic. Not only are twilight images eye catching and unique but can also minimize less desirable features such as neighboring houses or off season landscaping. Includes two to three images.

Certain views are so wide and majestic that they simply cannot be captured well in a single image. A panorama allows the viewer to take it all in with just one photograph.

We use pro lighting and retouching techniques to make you look your best. We bring the studio to you which includes onsite proofing and selection of your final images making the process quick and easy. Minimum of three images of the same person (different looks, backgrounds, outfits) or single images of three separate people. Discounts available for multiple agents on same day.

Scouting Session
Most agents will meet us at the beginning of the shoot and walk the property to select the shots they want. For larger, more complex properties it is a good idea to schedule a one-on-one walk through with us on a separate day, for a small fee. This gives you the opportunity to better stylize your property’s portfolio and discuss the selling features of the home, best time of day to shoot or anything you would like us not to capture.

Architecture Video

There is no question that video is a powerful marketing tool that prospective clients greatly appreciate. It gives them the opportunity to get to know you, your work and your style. Creating a solid marketing video is an investment of both time and money, but once created, it keeps working for you 24/7, all over the world.

There are many creative options when approaching a video. We will work with you closely to storyboard your vision and achieve your goals. We understand that video is only one aspect of a comprehensive marketing plan and that it should fall directly in line with your company’s mission. Whether you are looking for coverage of a project from start to finish, a short but impactful 30 second commercial or interviews with past clients, the sky is the limit…or at least it is until we break out our HD video drone.

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License: Videos are licensed to the Client for the sole purpose of marketing the property online for the lifetime of the listing with that Client. Videos cannot be sold or given to any third party without written permission from Stelio Media and additional fees may apply.


  • We will meet with you for a free one-on-one consultation to discuss your goals, budget and timeline.
  • Included
  • Advanced cinematography
  • Aerial footage
  • Music, graphics & branding
  • Home Preparation Checklist
  • *Save 10% on packages when you book photography and video together
Architecture Video Upgrades

Durango Lifestyle Footage

  • Adding footage of the river, train and beauty of Durango can help entice out of town buyers.

Owner/Builder/Architect Interview

  • Some properties have a story to tell and an interview with the owners, architect, builder or agent can bring that story to life.

Time Lapse Footage

  • Time lapse can be very dramatic and impactful especially for properties with an amazing view or that are near a bustling part of town. Buyers can experience what it might be like to sit and drink their morning coffee while watching an entire sunrise in just a few seconds of time lapse footage.


  • Some properties really benefit from a guided tour while watching a video. This option offers an opportunity to convey information not obvious or fully appreciated without a little explanation.

Premium Music

  • We always use legal music in our videos (royalty free) which is chosen by us and is included in all our videos. But if you have a specific musical theme or sound that you are looking for we can work with you to find what you are looking for.